Phuket Commercial Land Parcels Soar

Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra might be gone but who can forget those tuneful lyrics “Fly me to the moon,let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like, on a Jupiter and Mars, in other words...Read More

Why design adds value to tropical properties

Adding value to property is the dream of every real estate investor. How to unlock value through key drivers can often be a minefield of confusion and a is further complicated by a lack of understandi...Read More

Laguna sells 60% of new hotel residences within month

Laguna Phuket’s latest property offering the hotel branded Angsana Beachfront Residences has sold 60% of the project within one month  of project launch.With 30  units, a condominium offering and hote...Read More

Are sea views a price driver for Phuket condominiums?

While Phuket is an island, most property buyers are led to believe that sea views or proximity to the ocean are a key driver of real estate value.  Fact or fiction?  According to data from leading onl...Read More

Laguna Phuket launch new beachfront hotel residences

Phuket’s leading integrated destination resort Laguna Phuket has launched a new project tagged as the Angsana Beachfront Residences.  The offering is 30 two and three bedroom hotel managed condominium...Read More

How will global warming impact beachfront real estate?

I’m sitting on the beach in Bali, sun blazing and reading a New York Times article about rising seas levels and how waterfront homes are now at risk?  It’s hard not to take a hard look at the sea and ...Read More

Phuket property buyers head over the bridge

While Phuket is clearly an island, one of its strong unique selling points is the access to the mainland over the Sarasin Bridge. In this case connectivity is a huge plus for the mainstay’s of tourism...Read More

Island property is not just about the beach

Forget the beach. Head for the hills? It’s hard to deny that for many property buyers the allure of an island home equates to a vision of beachfront real estate. Yes, the Robinson Crusoe in all ...Read More

Rising air access spurs Koh Samui’s property sector

Call it Chinacation or just the way of the world but increased air links between the resort island of Koh Samui and Mainland China bode well for the real estate sector.  There is little doubt that tak...Read More

Tax amnesty fires up Bali’s property nominees

Since arriving in Bali two days ago the recurring conversation in business chatter has been the Indonesia’s tax amnesty program. Perhaps the low point was last evening during the ritual sundowners on ...Read More

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