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Make an offer online: open offer solution for real estate sellers and buyers


As FazWaz gets one step closer to fulfilling its mission of making the process of buying a home as simple as booking a holiday, we have soft-launched our new “Make an Offer” functionality. FazWaz makes an offer, started with the aim of building a better way for customers to interact and communicate on real estate prices, “Never lose a customer because of price”. Technology has transformed the way we purchase online, but the importance for sellers to connect with their customers has not changed.

Our technology allows buyers to transact in an open and transparent manner without having an intermediate agent, but mainly have a direct influence on the price offer “Don’t wait for the price, you make an offer”. Ensuring that all bids are legitimate and that the market value is genuinely analyzed by our data-driven platform. In the Thailand property market price history and transaction information is not easily available, therefore it’s difficult for sellers to know what price to advertise, and for buyers to know what price to buy for. This is what makes an offer aims to do, bridging the price discrepancy between sellers and buyers by allowing them to negotiate together. “We believe that the real estate market in Thailand, lacks real price transparency and in many cases liquidity, we aim to empower and encourage buyers to offer the prices they can afford, without having to rely on a middle man” Brennan Campell – CEO FazWaz

We take away the time-consuming task of searching for deals and waiting for listings to go on sale. With make an offer, customers can take immediate action on listings by offering an alternative price to the seller. We embed innovative technology that enables buyers to make private offers, book viewings, upload legal documents and receive a clean summary page with the offer terms and conditions.

For developers, we offer a way to better understand the customer intent and expectations project-specific. This all is supported by an automated multilingual manual, providing instant feedback and confirmation on the offer and sales processes.

Advantage for Sellers

  • Achieve market value from the right buyer
  • Time-efficient
  • Fair and transparent process
  • Real-time notifications when offers are received

Advantage for Buyers

  • A one-stop service for your property purchase
  • Make offers and track your purchase
  • Real-time notifications when offers are made
  • Get real deals!