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From gentrification to terrification

How can suburbs  never be the same, but will always look the same? People are scared, especially of interiors. The design world continues to provide a plethora of normative options and confusing varie...Read More

Snapchat for real estate?  Reality bites

.The year was 1984 and MTV was still a rising infant terrible. Onto the scene popped up a new artist named Corey Hart with his video  “Sunglasses at Night” and the rest is one-hit  wonder music histor...Read More

Dr. Seuss lets the cat out of the luxury bag

Is the cat in the hat? Or is the mouse a house?  Rhyming Simon Dr. Seuss always had a way with words but maybe the cat has been let out of the bag. Making international luxury news recently was data i...Read More

Living upside down in a post-Titanic world

A world without Celine Dion would be a far, far, far better place. But let’s hold that one for later. For years my growing dissatisfaction with residential designers rest on the modern abandonment of ...Read More

Turning on the lights

Trick question. What uses more power? Siam Paragon in Bangkok or the entire province of Mae Hong Son (with 250,000 residents)? The astonishing answer is, of course, Siam Paragon. By a factor of DOUBLE...Read More

How awesomeness drove me insane

Call me crazy, or perhaps I’m just precariously perched on the razor’s edge of sanity. What happens next is completely up in the air like those daft balloons and if the doorbell rings, all bets are of...Read More

Stating the case for the mancave

You don’t need to be Batman to enjoy the prehistoric pleasures of the cave. It’s easy to think back to the dawn of time, reference point those early adopters of the fire pit before they ended up being...Read More

How 3D-printing is changing condo and villa design

Slowly but surely the rise of 3D-printing is merging into the real estate space and for myself at least it’s glimpse into the future. Stunning examples of computer generated housing products are becom...Read More

In search of open space architecture at Bangaroo

There is a leading architectural movement today for open space architecture and design Diversity is a clear goal of OS and leading examples include green strips, parkways, piazzas or urban recreationa...Read More

Mega community pops up in BKK

Following up from yesterday’s story about ‘Placemakers’, here’s the real deal popping up in BKK. T77 community is made up of 5,000 residential units across 7 hip Sansiri projec...Read More

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