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What Questions To Ask When Renting A Property

If you’re anything like I was, you probably arrived at the first apartment that you rented, armed with just youthful curiosity and your senses...

Top 5 Nightclubs In Bangkok For Expats

Bangkok has a nightlife that is world famous. The clubs come at you lively, surprisingly unique and creative, and they come at you seven-wonderful-nights...

Where to Purchase Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok is an incredibly vibrant city, located within an equally beautiful country. Understandably, many people from around the world harbor desires of owning property...

How to Price for Sale or Rent

It may be a cliché that “a property’s true value is the amount that somebody is prepared to pay for it.” But on the...
samui green cottages

Where to Invest in Thailand?

Thailand continues to offer many property investment opportunities.  Whether you are looking for a beachside residence of immense beauty, a quiet apartment set in...

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