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The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Best apps to use for real estate agents

We all know that technology helps the best agents to be even better.  Also, we all know that today, the most ubiquitous and most user-friendly piece of technology that agents carry with them is the mobile phone.  No surprise then, at the growth of apps designed for professionals within the property industry.

Here we present 6 apps that may help you do everything better, faster and with even more mobility.  *Some of the apps come with a price tag, and some don’t, but even with the apps that you have to pay for, you can at least get a free trial.


Dotloop – Manage transactions like a pro (free)

So your office is still piled high with paperwork and printed PDFs and you’re sweating like mad looking for something that’s gone missing.  Dotloop does away with all of that, providing a clean service of document creation, transaction management, and E-sign. With added real-time visibility into transactions, it’s no wonder that this app has become increasingly popular with real estate agents. Dotloop for mobile is free to use for a limited number of loops. 

Available on IOS and Android

Dotloop - Apps for Real Estate Agents



Evernote – Take notes on a new level with great audio-visual features (free)

For as long as writing has existed, no doubt people have always taken notes, but not like this.  With Evernote, your notes are saved and stored in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime. But there’s more: Evernote allows you to add videos, photographs, audio, and PDFs, and then there are the deadlines, to-do lists and reminders which are all easily shared with your team.  

Available on IOS and Android

Evernote - Apps for Real Estate Agents


Spacio – Automate your open house with digital registration (free)

So you host an open house session and you’ve got all the guests signed in.  All goes well, but after the session, you go to follow up those leads, but you can’t read the handwriting of the guests.  Spacio helps you avoid this nightmare. Digitally record all of the guests into the system and they will be ready to receive an automatic email follow up. Try  free for 30 days.

Available on IOS and Android

Spacio - Apps for Real Estate Agents


BombBomb – Add videos to your email (try free)

Probably not for everyone, but if you’ve got that personality that really comes across well in sound and vision, and you are looking to have your emails stand out in the crowd, you might like to look at BombBomb. A 14-day free trial available.

Available on IOS and Android

BombBomb - Apps for Real Estate Agents


Buffer – Manange social media platforms (free)

We all know what it’s like flitting between social media platforms.  Add into the equation that you are now managing different accounts for your business and the time spent doing this is going to seriously start eating into your schedule.  Buffer lets you plan, pre-schedule and publish content on a number of different accounts all in one place.

Available on IOS and Android

Buffer - Apps for Real Estate Agents


One final thought on personal safety

The world is full of apps, and a person could spend a lot of time researching them.  The list above is brief, but we think each one might prove useful to many property experts.  However, there is one other type of app that has not been mentioned here: apps that provide personal security.  Clearly, for property agents who spend a lot of time traveling and entering slightly unknown situations, this is something worth considering.  There are many on the market all with varying functions. It’s just a case of deciding if such an app is necessary, and then select one that suits your personal needs.