You don’t need to be Batman to enjoy the prehistoric pleasures of the cave. It’s easy to think back to the dawn of time, reference point those early adopters of the fire pit before they ended up being a cliché in tapas themed bistros and beach clubs. We are of course speaking of the Cavemen.

Of course there were cavewomen and little cavechildren but lets for the moment stick to the male end of the stick. We could just go gender neutral to cavepople but there are already the Village People so that homage was well covered in the doomed and gladly forgotten disco era.

This is a real estate news site and yes we’re headed in that direction slowly, though there will be possible left turns during our journey. But on that subject one of the true omissions in today’s housing market is the limited recognition of the absolute requirement of a mancave in every condo, semi-detached townhouse and house. To hell with that, it needs to be raised to the level of manifest destiny.

You see Donald Trump has indeed made a massive miscalculation over tabling the need for a wall. Forget the wall. Have we forgotten El Chapo’s tunnel with a lightening fast motorcycle. Real men could care less about a wall, but what they really need is a return to their own personal mancave.

It perplexes me that designers and developers rarely if ever address this. Women of course drive many buying decisions and most off plan properties speak of glistening Italian kitchens topped off with mod cons and even those replica gas-fired pizza ovens. Or flexible spaces that are touted as fitness rooms, meditation nooks or personal cozy corners. Many of these in fact turn out to be painted pink, egg shell or lavender which pretty much says it all.

Men on the other hand are forced to forage the neighborhood to find a suitable local bar or if they grow a bit of nerve there is the possibility of retrofitting the non-air-conditioned garage into a poor second cousin of a real man cave. Even the dog won’t sleep out there.

My point and there is one is when will architects, property types and developers understand the intrinsic need that men don’t really give a damn about a home as a castle, they want a billiard table, a magnificently well stocked bar, retro music and sports memorabilia which they can share with other men in peace, love, harmony and a bit of drunken foolishness.

While historians might point out that the millenniums of post evolution have seen progress and the move out of the cave was a tick in the box. I on the other have to leave my box empty. What I’m stating is that obviously real estate needs to return to the cave now and in the future. It’s a man’s right of passage. Our shared destiny. Batman got it. Why can’t the property trade?