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What will Phuket’s high-season property market be like?

Tis the season, as I journey through Phuket International Airport’s crowded space and wonder to myself ‘if it’s only November, where did all these people come from? A steady stream on new direct fligh...Read More

Phuket’s private hotels pushing the luxury envelope

One of Asia’s leading resort markets, Greater Phuket has become a hot spot for an emerging selection of private hotels that tip the scale in terms of absolute poshness. Over time the island has pionee...Read More

Are Singapore or Hong Kong property values dropping the most?

Waking up in Singapore and reading today’s Straits Times that highlighted a new about  which Asian property market, Singapore or Hong Kong is seeing the biggest drops in valuations is no exactly joyfu...Read More

Opening Asian Skies

From a simpler time where everywhere was just ‘The Orient’. Note Penang and Rangoon were popular places to visit once upon a time. The airlines have spoken and Asia is continuing to be con...Read More

Rising air access spurs Koh Samui’s property sector

Call it Chinacation or just the way of the world but increased air links between the resort island of Koh Samui and Mainland China bode well for the real estate sector.  There is little doubt that tak...Read More

Phuket expressway to create altered state for cross-island travel

A plan to create a twelve lane expressway between Phuket International Airport and the Koh Kaew area has been confirmed by the provincial governor. The plan as tabled by the Highways Department and re...Read More

Bangkok condos becoming predators to resort properties

Looking back at how Asia’s resort real estate markets were able to sustain demand from Singapore and Hong Kong for nearly two decades is a classic case study of location, location, and location. Grant...Read More

Airlift poised to makeover Pattaya property market

With the planned opening of a second terminal at Thailand’s U-Tapao Airport in the second half of 2016, the knock-on effect is expected to have positive repercussions for Pattaya’s real estate sector....Read More

Stating the case for the mancave

You don’t need to be Batman to enjoy the prehistoric pleasures of the cave. It’s easy to think back to the dawn of time, reference point those early adopters of the fire pit before they ended up being...Read More

How Phuket’s new infrastructure will drive real estate demand

Location, location, location, is perhaps the most profound golden rule of the property trade. Taking a peek behind the curtain of the future, investors and developers all want to get an edge up on whe...Read More

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