.The year was 1984 and MTV was still a rising infant terrible. Onto the scene popped up a new artist named Corey Hart with his video  “Sunglasses at Night” and the rest is one-hit  wonder music history.

These days MTV has gone the reality television mode and young viewers now surf YouTube instead of legacy cable TV. But online digital darling Snapchat are bringing back the sunglasses at night theme with their new spectacles video camera.

Just a mere tap on the Snapchat Spectacles records a 10 second video burst. Real estate brokers, who are already tapping into micro pitches using the app, are now drooling over getting visible even quicker in terms of sharing opinions and insights.

One key feature for property is that digital social media is the fastest way to get to market.  Though since the announcement of the Spectacles various news outlets are reporting issues in potential privacy issues. Damn the waiver and just fire away is today’s mantra.

Tech devices have had mixed responses in the real estate world. While drones have topped the charts, the Apple iWatch did not exactly set the world on fire.

Still for Snapchat Spectacles the idea of getting into a potential buyers mind by viewing a property from their perspective is a very real sales proposition. We are already seeing an influx of VR (virtual reality) applications in the industry so perhaps this is just another step on the same journey.

For now, marketing has certainly gotten over the website and social media is a far more attractive playing field. Will video eclipse the spoken or written word? Just have a look at any Millennial sitting at that chair at Starbucks and see what they are turned into? It certainly isn’t MTV, and Corey Hart might have been right about wearing those sunglasses at night.

Meanwhile Snapchat has changed their name to Snap Inc. to gain a broader market.