How can suburbs  never be the same, but will always look the same?

People are scared, especially of interiors. The design world continues to provide a plethora of normative options and confusing variety of the same thing. Beige is the order of the day. Vanilla, tan, safari, khaki, are exotic names for generic options sweeping the universe.

My wife tried very hard to buy some ocean blue carpet and and only then realized that beige comes in so many more variations of colors. Some carpet manufactures refuse to stock a blue or green of anything, There are certainly   a host of beige varietals aptly named honey and oatmeal. Honey? Doesn’t make me horny….

Now with a pink wall next to it and beautiful white cabinets, urban decoration can have character and look delicious, be warm welcoming and be distinctive, but the world is scared. Scared of interiors terrified of architecture and unable to put a creative stamp on any surface, or bandy around with the “norm” “greige”, yes that is an official color, grey and beige.

If you feel grey or vanilla, beige or bland, that’s the reason why. Your sluggish looking at those screens, latte number 4 doesn’t kick in, …. Your environment is sucking emotion from you, draining you of those superfluous feelings and calmly normalizing your inner center while quietly turning you into an idiot.

If anything I’m writing here upsets you, then its not too late. If you feel the shakes hot sweats, then a course of environmental rehab will definitely help. Try a small city in Southern Europe, look at character, contrast and real culture.

A design savvy environment will help. When you see that real brick wall, or that door handle made in brass, a meditative calm will wash over you as you start to get in tune with your innate design senses.