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Real estate and hotel booking portals converging

There is a perfect storm going on in the digital accommodation distribution space that is set to change the legacy business of booking property rentals online. In the past the hotel trade has seen a m...Read More

Thailand primer on renting property and tax

As the shared economy starts to eat into Thailand’s real estate market such as Airbnb and other rental sites, the question for owner’s is what is legally acceptable and also what tax is applicable. We...Read More

Small-sized condo market booming

Does size really matter? It certainly does in Thailand’s off-plan condominium sector. Since the recovery period post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the country’s ramp up of entry-level property has be...Read More

New Nordic Group, Pattaya

New Nordic is a brand synonymous with Pratunmak Hill in Pattaya. The new C-View Boutique and C-View Residence are the latest offerings. It's an entire community with a 'nordic' flavour in one of the b...Read More

Are Singapore or Hong Kong property values dropping the most?

Waking up in Singapore and reading today’s Straits Times that highlighted a new about  which Asian property market, Singapore or Hong Kong is seeing the biggest drops in valuations is no exactly joyfu...Read More

Trendy Bangkok Thonglor condo gets world famous design guru

One of Bangkok’s leading trendsetting posh urban neighborhoods is undoubtedly the Thonglor area.  Playing party host to chic bars, restaurants, and shops the district is further setting the bar even h...Read More

Snapchat for real estate?  Reality bites

.The year was 1984 and MTV was still a rising infant terrible. Onto the scene popped up a new artist named Corey Hart with his video  “Sunglasses at Night” and the rest is one-hit  wonder music histor...Read More

Tax amnesty fires up Bali’s property nominees

Since arriving in Bali two days ago the recurring conversation in business chatter has been the Indonesia’s tax amnesty program. Perhaps the low point was last evening during the ritual sundowners on ...Read More

Bangkok condos becoming predators to resort properties

Looking back at how Asia’s resort real estate markets were able to sustain demand from Singapore and Hong Kong for nearly two decades is a classic case study of location, location, and location. Grant...Read More

Top 5 critical legal steps for Thai property investment

There is just so much information overload and contradictory information on the Internet, in printed glossy magazines, newspaper advertorials and directly from the mouth’s of agents; lawyers and...Read More

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