Overseas buyers flock to Bali luxury villa offering

Bali’s resort grade real estate market has gotten a shot in the arm with strong overseas buying activity at the Mandarin Oriental Residences offering in Pandawa. Within recent memory the mainstay prop...Read More

Indonesia’s tax amnesty prompts property outlook

The Indonesian tax amnesty program has reportedly unhinged a whopping USD7.4 billon in previously undeclared wealth. While the program remains in place until March of next year, a sliding scale has mo...Read More

Mandarin Oriental branding Bali luxury residences as tourist arrivals surge

Leading Hong Kong group Mandarin Oriental is branding a new mixed use project in Bali. An initial offering of 30 private pool villas will be on the real estate market with the estate adjacent to the h...Read More

Bedroom communities pushing the dream across Asia

Internet porn has been the downfall of phone sex. I’m not a big fan of pillow talk. Once you turn off the lights my thoughts turn to dreamland. But where you put your pillow is rapidly changing across...Read More

Tax amnesty to boost Indonesia’s property sector

Last week during a trip to Indonesia, my ears were filled with anxious talk from real estate developers talking about capturing the expected upside from the country’s tax amenity program. The landmark...Read More

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