Rental Programs – Magic Trickery Risk and Reward

People who buy property to let it stand empty either have too much money; didn’t study even a chapter of economics; are possibly money laundering or underestimated the oversupply of condominiums in th...Read More

Real estate and hotel booking portals converging

There is a perfect storm going on in the digital accommodation distribution space that is set to change the legacy business of booking property rentals online. In the past the hotel trade has seen a m...Read More

Thailand primer on renting property and tax

As the shared economy starts to eat into Thailand’s real estate market such as Airbnb and other rental sites, the question for owner’s is what is legally acceptable and also what tax is applicable. We...Read More

 Airbnb battles New York City

The  new ruling by New York State not to allow rental of homes for periods under 30 days has created a ripple effect across the globe. In what is shaping up as a landmark legal case of the shared econ...Read More

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb

“Impact has also been felt on the housing and rental markets where the entrepreneurs buy or rent stock suitable for Aibnb-style operations”. (Photo: (Editorial comment) Three m...Read More

Singapore property giant invests into China rental platform

Making waves across Asia last week was news that one of the Lion City’s top property developer’s CDL through a China subsidiary was investing USD15 million into online rental platform mamahome. The ma...Read More

Top 5 reasons residential property owners hate Airbnb

Honesty speaking I have an evolving love-hate relationship with Airbnb. While in certain destinations and cities the value proposition is just too attractive to pass up. Yet the journey into the unkno...Read More

Airbnb vs Hotels

The gloves are off and we’re into the main fight. First round has definitely gone to the upstart start-up, Airbnb. Airbnb, just in case you’ve been living on another planet for the past fi...Read More

Thai condo hotel investment’s under fire

Skyrocketing growth of non-traditional accommodation has surged across the globe and the movement can best be crystalized by taking a look at the AirBnB brand. Yes, as has happened in many other count...Read More

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