Good news for property owners in Thailand. Effective July 1st, 2020 Property owners will no longer be required to report the presence of foreign tenants each time the tenant leaves the property temporarily. 

Section 38 of the Immigration Act requires that property or hotel owners who take in foreigners as guests notify officials within 24 hours. This act stirred lots of controversy over the years, stating that if the foreign guests leave the premises longer than 24hrs, upon their return the landlord is mandated by the immigration act to report the guests to return in writing. 

“A move to end duplication” the Immigration Bureau has now changed the reporting frequency to only when they initially arrive. Landlords do not need to file the reports again if the guests leave the premises temporarily and return, or when they have multiple-entry visas or re-entry permits. 

For both Local and Foreign landlords, this measure is welcomed with triumph.