My travels take me across Asia and beyond but I’m constantly on the lookout for cool tips and insider news. On a recent trip to the Philippines two standout reads came onto my radar that are worth passing on.

First up is Grid magazine, which is an ultra hip, read on lifestyle and travel. What’s different about the publication is the quality of the content. Funny, smart and relevant come to mind as I page through the pieces on emerging Danjugan Island or else an update on happenings in booming Cebu.

Back of the inspiration of Editor at Large Kristine Fonacier the content on new places to eating, hotels and of course the other key drivers of modern taste like fashion and fiction take on an entirely new meaning when put under a microscope. Be it chatter on coming of age vocations such as guest ninja or beer intern, or even the Netflix Grammaster there are interesting titbits laying all around.

Second is the online newswire Rappler which has absolutely captivated me. Combining old school journalism, citizen pieces and social media, the site is indeed a look into the digital future where print dies a slow and painful death.

Taking on the Rappler tag in 2012 the site was set up by ex-CNN stalwart Maria Ressa and a gaggle of journo friends. Today it has evolved into a whole new younger demographic with a key feature being the Mood Meter. Yes for those of you in love with the emoji the MnM is a quick read.

While my time in the Philippines was brief the undercurrents of change and progress are everywhere you look. Asia continues to be my lifelong fascination but I can’t quite put my finger on what is changing in Manila and it’s environs but the creative and digital space is certainly one well worth watching.