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Some Tips For New Agents

Great tips for new real estate agents

The property industry has a dynamism all of its own. It may be fast, exciting and forever evolving, but it also has a large emphasis on people skills and a myriad of legal, business and construction issues that have to be understood and dealt with.

For an agent entering this world, it may at times seem like an impossible juggling act. However, in time you will get to grips with each aspect.  

Assuming that you’re doing all you can to understand the local market, here are some other ideas to help you, the new agent, in the process:

Customer service tip for estate agents

Create your working space

Constantly on the move, armed with tech tools and with an online portfolio that can be viewed by the entire world, you have to ask yourself: how necessary is that expensive office space that you return to each day? Depending on the local culture and the local market, that office space might just be vital, but for other agents, it might not be. Consider the cost-effectiveness of your working space.


Create marketing strategies, engage and be ‘mobile phone friendly’

In the midst of setting up social media accounts, it’s probably easy to imagine that you just have to upload a few pictures of properties and await the feedback and leads. But social media is full of such accounts and images. The questions to ask is how are you going to make your social media accounts appear different from the others? How are you going to engage with people and create more activity on your account? Whatever you do, make sure that all of your online presence is ‘mobile phone friendly’. If not, you might be disengaging with potential client’s right from the very moment that they discover your services.  

Tips and Advice for every new Real Estate Agent


Create your framework of systems

If you have set up numerous social media accounts, you might find, flitting from one to the other, that they begin to eat their way into your time schedule. But this is where tech tools can assist. Just one simple app that allows you to simultaneously manage all of your accounts can make a huge difference. This is just one example of how technology can really help you organize processes and speed up the way you do business. Do the research into them and find the ones that work for you.


Get noticed, make connections and learn

it’s obvious: if you are new to the market, you have to let people know that you are on the market. This probably cannot be emphasized enough: you have to start building a reputation, and that all starts with meeting people. Networking is crucial for a new agent. It also opens you up to a world of learning: other professionals, much longer in the game, have a wealth of advice and experience to offer.


Develop partnerships

there will always be other agencies out there, domestically and internationally, who are looking for partnerships. It makes sense to consider these. In addition to agency partnerships, as you go along and find professionals who you can trust, you need to develop connections with others in the industry such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, bankers, developers, and builders. Such connections, besides generating leads, also add to the quality of service that you can offer to clients who, for example, might need a reliable builder to get a property ready for the market.


Accept you’ll make mistakes, work on weaknesses and set standards

the best lessons in life often come from the mistakes we make. And, yes, everyone does make mistakes. It might be uncomfortable being honest with yourself, but you’ll probably discover that you have a couple of weaknesses. Recognizing such weaknesses and getting to grips with them not only improves your ability as an agent but often turns out to be personally rewarding into the bargain. Right from the beginning, set your standards high.