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How to retire in Margaritaville?

One of rock and rolls longest serving stars Jimmy Buffet is partnering on a new rollout of Margaritaville retirement communities. Jimmy’s brand has already swept though cafes, casinos, hotels, and vac...Read More

Freehold vs. leasehold ownership, still a conundrum

For foreign buyers in Thailand, the issue of freehold vs. leasehold property ownership has been a great debate that has spanned recent time. While traditional thinking in real estate investment circle...Read More

Indonesia’s tax amnesty prompts property outlook

The Indonesian tax amnesty program has reportedly unhinged a whopping USD7.4 billon in previously undeclared wealth. While the program remains in place until March of next year, a sliding scale has mo...Read More

Tax amnesty fires up Bali’s property nominees

Since arriving in Bali two days ago the recurring conversation in business chatter has been the Indonesia’s tax amnesty program. Perhaps the low point was last evening during the ritual sundowners on ...Read More

Bangkok condos becoming predators to resort properties

Looking back at how Asia’s resort real estate markets were able to sustain demand from Singapore and Hong Kong for nearly two decades is a classic case study of location, location, and location. Grant...Read More

What is impact of new Thai Property Tax?

For owners of Thai property the new land and building tax signals the start of a new era. Recently approved by the cabinet the reforms look to address a disconnect on taxation for vast landholdings an...Read More

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