Smile. Kiss. Frown. Or just giving a thumbs up have become a universal smartphone and computer language. Welcome to Emojitown, a place where words are not needed, until now.

A new Apple announcement has come that will see a special iPhone feature, which will allow those graphic little emoji’s to be translated to words or terms. Forget boring old typefaces, now you will be able to review a text or message and inset applicable icons to spice things up. Clutter rocks, apparently.

We live in a visual world and the power of the written or spoken word seems to be quickly diminishing. One of the best sign of the times is walking into any coffee shop and finding heads bowed in silent virtual prayer. Out go the moral gyrations of Catholics, Jews or Protestants, and in comes the frantic cult of Samsung, Apple or a parade of others.

Looking into real estate and the potential to tap into the all-mighty emoji, there are endless opportunities for a series of condo, villa, house, broker or other related symbols but in an industry that is technically very uncool, how do millennial’s translate this shop talk into an entirely new language?

Post Apple talk, there is now a commercial rush for brands, service sectors and industries to somehow ensure their product is coded right by the function so when the emoji is clicked, and the correct tag displayed in words. Much like the algorithms at Google, the arcade tech back office will not doubt do God’s work.

You can imagine centuries from now, as a new civilization discovers the relic of our millennium, and dust off a smartphone, charge it up and up comes a smiley face. How will they decipher about this long-forgotten ancient language.

We live with the mystery of Stonehenge, or the strange past days of the Inca’s but taking a step back and realizing our cultural past is a circle that smiles, laughs, or is angry and sad is pretty frightening. Meanwhile the quest for the perfect real estate emoji continues.