Land Plots

Phuket Commercial Land Parcels Soar

Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra might be gone but who can forget those tuneful lyrics “Fly me to the moon,let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like, on a Jupiter and Mars, in other words...Read More

Ultra luxury Avadina Hills project gearing up

One of the latest ultra luxury villa estates in Phuket Avadina Hills is pushing ahead to build out seven villas. The latest move demonstrates confidence by the developer in the island real estate mark...Read More

Top 5 critical legal steps for Thai property investment

There is just so much information overload and contradictory information on the Internet, in printed glossy magazines, newspaper advertorials and directly from the mouth’s of agents; lawyers and...Read More

Time for Phuket to rezone for high-rise development?

For even the most casual observer of island life, Phuket’s high-velocity transformation into an increasingly urbanized maze is on parade day in and day out for the entire world to see. The once quiet ...Read More

Drive-in drive-out real estate

As Thailand’s skyrocketing number of cars on the road is continuing on an upward trajectory, real estate is anxiously waiting to get in on the action. The rising middle class places a high value on ow...Read More

Thai property buyers go East to Japan

Global ski resort real estate is finding a second breath in Asia, with Japan’s Niseko leading the way.  Famed American author Horace Greeley is credited with the famous line “Go West, young man” but t...Read More

Surf’s up for Lombok and Sumba real estate

Is that God tapping on my window? Exactly how many classic mojitos had I consumed during happy hour? Well at least it seems like the furious hand of the Almighty has been unleashed as an unseasonable ...Read More

Going Troppo – Phuket or Koh Samui?

A southern-Thailand tropical paradise or a southern-Thailand tropical paradise. Which one? Let’s buy a property on a beautiful Thai tropical island. Thailand’s two largest islands are Koh Samui and Ko...Read More

Why have real estate commissions run riot?

No, we aren’t talking about a return of the Occupy movement, nor those increasing contentious Donald Trump election demonstrations but clearly resort property in Thailand and further afield across Asi...Read More

What is impact of new Thai Property Tax?

For owners of Thai property the new land and building tax signals the start of a new era. Recently approved by the cabinet the reforms look to address a disconnect on taxation for vast landholdings an...Read More

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