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Russian property buyers rising again in Phuket

From Russia with Love might is a James Bond 007 thriller but it has also been a mantra for island developers as the past nine months has seen a strong uptick in demand in Phuket real estate by Russian...Read More

Phuket Commercial Land Parcels Soar

Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra might be gone but who can forget those tuneful lyrics “Fly me to the moon,let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like, on a Jupiter and Mars, in other words...Read More

Malaysia considers restricting foreign property purchases

A hot topic over the past month has been the Malaysian government’s review and possible increase of the set minimum of investment in property by foreign buyers.Currently the level for the most part is...Read More

Thai government renews 50 year property lease talk

Thailand’s real estate sector is buzzing on comments in the media that the Finance Minister has made on the possibility of extending property lease terms to 50 years. Currently a 30 year term with a  ...Read More

How currency volatility affects Phuket real estate

While much is written about real estate market values in Phuket, undoubtedly the sleeping giant of the resort grade property is foreign currency fluctuations. Why you might ask? Well the majority of t...Read More

Are sea views a price driver for Phuket condominiums?

While Phuket is an island, most property buyers are led to believe that sea views or proximity to the ocean are a key driver of real estate value.  Fact or fiction?  According to data from leading onl...Read More

Island property is not just about the beach

Forget the beach. Head for the hills? It’s hard to deny that for many property buyers the allure of an island home equates to a vision of beachfront real estate. Yes, the Robinson Crusoe in all ...Read More

London’s boom bust boom real Chinacation

Chinese property buyers both from the Mainland and across Asia have become key players in London’s property play. Though the story is now shifting away from the tragicomedy of the Brexit and now into ...Read More

 Airbnb battles New York City

The  new ruling by New York State not to allow rental of homes for periods under 30 days has created a ripple effect across the globe. In what is shaping up as a landmark legal case of the shared econ...Read More

Small-sized condo market booming

Does size really matter? It certainly does in Thailand’s off-plan condominium sector. Since the recovery period post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the country’s ramp up of entry-level property has be...Read More

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