Top 10 Luxury Homes in Thailand (that you can buy)

HEAVENS (Koh Samui) This exclusive home, to be completed in October 2019, is one of only 6 villas in The Heavens project located on Koh Samui island, in the sheltered Gulf of Thailand. While this 5 be...Read More

Why design adds value to tropical properties

Adding value to property is the dream of every real estate investor. How to unlock value through key drivers can often be a minefield of confusion and a is further complicated by a lack of understandi...Read More

From gentrification to terrification

How can suburbs  never be the same, but will always look the same? People are scared, especially of interiors. The design world continues to provide a plethora of normative options and confusing varie...Read More

Reach for the sky

If the building is completed, as planned, it will be the fifth tallest building in the world and the tallest in SE Asia Just as Bangkok’s Mahanakhon building opens, Thailand’s tallest building at 314 ...Read More

Living upside down in a post-Titanic world

A world without Celine Dion would be a far, far, far better place. But let’s hold that one for later. For years my growing dissatisfaction with residential designers rest on the modern abandonment of ...Read More

Top 5 critical legal steps for Thai property investment

There is just so much information overload and contradictory information on the Internet, in printed glossy magazines, newspaper advertorials and directly from the mouth’s of agents; lawyers and...Read More

How 3D-printing is changing condo and villa design

Slowly but surely the rise of 3D-printing is merging into the real estate space and for myself at least it’s glimpse into the future. Stunning examples of computer generated housing products are becom...Read More

In search of open space architecture at Bangaroo

There is a leading architectural movement today for open space architecture and design Diversity is a clear goal of OS and leading examples include green strips, parkways, piazzas or urban recreationa...Read More

Blessed be the ‘Placemakers’

With a tip of the hat to Monty Python… (Photo: Architects and town planners. We know what they do. Now there’s the “placemaker”. It’s a new, philosophical, people-driven approach to ur...Read More

Why architects are trashing modern house design

No matter if you are sitting on the outside looking in, or the inside looking out, that brand new designer house you built just doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know how often in the past year I’ve come ...Read More

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