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New hotel branded residences group on the move

Let’s face it, wanting to live in a hotel is not a new thing. Be it Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe who once resided at...

Maldives luxury villas attracting rentals and investors

For some in the property trade, they have a hard time getting their heads around how the island nation of the Maldives is seeing...

In search of open space architecture at Bangaroo

There is a leading architectural movement today for open space architecture and design Diversity is a clear goal of OS and leading examples include...

Mandarin Oriental branding Bali luxury residences as tourist arrivals surge

Leading Hong Kong group Mandarin Oriental is branding a new mixed use project in Bali. An initial offering of 30 private pool villas will...

Fiji Property market targets Asia’s luxury set

Taking a step back and looking at Asia Pacific’s expansive horizon the small island nation of Fiji seems to only take up a smallish...

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