Mixed-Use Developments

New hotel branded residences group on the move

Let’s face it, wanting to live in a hotel is not a new thing. Be it Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe who once resided at the famed Waldorf Astoria in New York City or multi-millionaire Howard Hughes who ...Read More

Maldives luxury villas attracting rentals and investors

For some in the property trade, they have a hard time getting their heads around how the island nation of the Maldives is seeing a groundswell in the real estate trade. Actually it makes absolutely se...Read More

In search of open space architecture at Bangaroo

There is a leading architectural movement today for open space architecture and design Diversity is a clear goal of OS and leading examples include green strips, parkways, piazzas or urban recreationa...Read More

Mandarin Oriental branding Bali luxury residences as tourist arrivals surge

Leading Hong Kong group Mandarin Oriental is branding a new mixed use project in Bali. An initial offering of 30 private pool villas will be on the real estate market with the estate adjacent to the h...Read More

Fiji Property market targets Asia’s luxury set

Taking a step back and looking at Asia Pacific’s expansive horizon the small island nation of Fiji seems to only take up a smallish area on the bottom right hand corner of the map. Yet at FazWaz’s Pro...Read More

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