Bring Life to Your Home with Lighting Design

When it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere in the house, most people only think about landscaping, interior decoration or choosing beautiful furniture and overlook the seductive charm of the interior lighting. But ‘light’ is a powerful emotional connection between people and their surroundings that bring life to the house. Besides, good lighting design can also save energy for homeowners. 

However, most of the time, people only think about the beautiful design of the lamp than the quality of the light used, and there are still some common misunderstandings in the lighting design, such as installing downlights directly above the bed, and the glare in the bathroom that makes eyes uncomfortable.

Today, Fazwaz would like to invite you to create a beautiful home atmosphere with lighting techniques.

Warm and inviting with the lighting design in the living room

The important thing for the living room is to have a variety of designs to support many activities, whether working, relaxing, talking, or even in terms of beauty to welcome guests, which can be made interesting by layering lighting from general lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, effect lighting, and decorative lighting.

General lighting is used for a frequently used part of the living room, such as the coffee table. If you want to keep the room smooth and clean, the recessed ceiling light is a proper choice. However, installing downlights too close to the wall or curtain will cause an unsightly reflection. Another simple idea to add dimension is using accent lighting to illuminate objects that can direct the viewer’s eyes and create interest in the living room.

Apart from the general lighting, effect lighting from indirect lighting concealed behind the ceiling, wall, shelves, curtain box, or diffuse lamp.

The final layer is decorative lighting used as decorations, for example, a feature pendant, a small up light on the window sill, or a ceiling lamp. The material of the lamp should go well with the interior. 

Make the kitchen and dining area more interesting with different layers of lighting.

For the primarily used part in the kitchen, like the counter, it is better to have the strip lights installed under the cabinets and avoid the visible lamp to reduce the unsightly reflection on the counter.

Recessed lighting can be installed in the dining area, but you have to ensure that all downlights are aligned on the same grid to make the overall space look more modern and comfortable. One thing to be kept in mind, all the task lighting must be installed in the front of the user only to reduce the shadow from incident light that would interfere with the use of the area. In case the kitchen is spacious, you may add gimmicks with accent lighting on objects, such as paintings or works of art, by using recessed light or picture light. The important thing to consider is the proper installation distance of the lamp to get the best quality of light. 

If you want to add a warm feeling, you can use effect lighting and avoid the use of bright lamps by using the concealed light or covered lamp that gives indirect light. The thing that needs to be mentioned is that the gap distance to hide the lights must be sufficient so that the lighting effect is soft and comfortable. Installing up lights on the furniture will do the same. It also makes the ceiling look more airy and bright.

Bedroom lighting for a balanced rest

Because the bedroom is a room for relaxation to fill the body with energy for the new day, the design of interior lighting, therefore, needs to take comfort into account. Recessed downlights will help spread the light evenly throughout the area for a large bedroom, but you should avoid installing downlights above the pillow because they will dazzle your eyes. 

A bedside lamp should be a diffused light to create a soothing sensation. To reduce shadow from the mirror light, indirect light is recommended to be installed on both sides of the mirror instead of using a lamp that gives direct light. The effect lighting can be done in the same style as the living room by using indirect lighting concealed behind the ceiling, wall, shelves, and curtain box.

Bathroom lighting for safety and relaxation

Bathrooms come with relaxation and safety. Therefore, the light must create a relaxing atmosphere and is sufficient for use. The most important spot for lighting is the bathroom mirror. Vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are best for casting an even light across the face. The shower is a secondary area of task lighting. The shower lighting works well above the shower cause the light will wash evenly over the body while taking a shower. Bathtub lighting should be cast on the edge of the tub rather than in the middle to prevent glare when using the bathtub. 

To create ambiance in the bathroom, you can use wall uplights or lights around the sink and bathtub to add depth and dimension to the room and highlight the texture or surface of the wall. 

All these lighting techniques can be adapted to your residence whether condo, townhouse, detached house or even luxury villa. We hope you enjoy your lighting decoration and come up with the finest design of your own.