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Leading Thai Marina Complex Up For Sale

The Royal Phuket Marina Phuket complex has come onto the transaction market this week and is already gathering broad interest amongst property developers and institutional investors. Developed in 2005...Read More

Thai condo hotel investment’s under fire

Skyrocketing growth of non-traditional accommodation has surged across the globe and the movement can best be crystalized by taking a look at the AirBnB brand. Yes, as has happened in many other count...Read More

Brexodus hits Singapore overseas property sector

Boris Johnson has clearly failed to lead his people out of the veritable desert and into the Promised Land with the Brexodus impact now being felt in faraway Singapore. According to BBC News, the Lion...Read More

Fiji Property market targets Asia’s luxury set

Taking a step back and looking at Asia Pacific’s expansive horizon the small island nation of Fiji seems to only take up a smallish area on the bottom right hand corner of the map. Yet at FazWaz’s Pro...Read More

Rink Side – Philippine vs. Thailand property

My recent journeys have taken me to the Philippines or to be more specific Metro Manila. As a lead in to the story, one of the key changes in what is Southeast Asia’s carmageddon has been the skyrocke...Read More

Mr. Brexit’s malice in wonderland

Denizens of the United Kingdom have shocked a stunned global stage with a vote to exit or shall we tap the more trendy Brexit, and pull out of the European Union. Real estate pundits were quick on the...Read More

Chinese billionaire makes real estate history

Bigger is better for Mainland Chinese luxury property buyer Chen Hongtian who purchased a Hong Kong home for USD271 million last week. His rationale for buying the 856 square meter house located at Th...Read More

Why have real estate commissions run riot?

No, we aren’t talking about a return of the Occupy movement, nor those increasing contentious Donald Trump election demonstrations but clearly resort property in Thailand and further afield across Asi...Read More

What is impact of new Thai Property Tax?

For owners of Thai property the new land and building tax signals the start of a new era. Recently approved by the cabinet the reforms look to address a disconnect on taxation for vast landholdings an...Read More

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