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Reach for the sky

If the building is completed, as planned, it will be the fifth tallest building in the world and the tallest in SE Asia Just as Bangkok’s Mahanakhon building opens, Thailand’s tallest building at 314 ...Read More

Tax amnesty fires up Bali’s property nominees

Since arriving in Bali two days ago the recurring conversation in business chatter has been the Indonesia’s tax amnesty program. Perhaps the low point was last evening during the ritual sundowners on ...Read More

Top 4 books for real estate developers

Personally I am a big fan of knowing the business I work in and the process of education and learning never stops, no matter how experienced you are. Whether it’s getting inside the numbers or else ha...Read More

How awesomeness drove me insane

Call me crazy, or perhaps I’m just precariously perched on the razor’s edge of sanity. What happens next is completely up in the air like those daft balloons and if the doorbell rings, all bets are of...Read More

First step in buying a Thai property, the reservation agreement

Whilst you browse the properties you are interested in, it is worth giving some thought to the fact that ‘reserving’ a property will have different connotations depending on the legal jurisdiction you...Read More

Airbnb vs Hotels

The gloves are off and we’re into the main fight. First round has definitely gone to the upstart start-up, Airbnb. Airbnb, just in case you’ve been living on another planet for the past fi...Read More

Brexodus hits Singapore overseas property sector

Boris Johnson has clearly failed to lead his people out of the veritable desert and into the Promised Land with the Brexodus impact now being felt in faraway Singapore. According to BBC News, the Lion...Read More

Chinese billionaire makes real estate history

Bigger is better for Mainland Chinese luxury property buyer Chen Hongtian who purchased a Hong Kong home for USD271 million last week. His rationale for buying the 856 square meter house located at Th...Read More

Why have real estate commissions run riot?

No, we aren’t talking about a return of the Occupy movement, nor those increasing contentious Donald Trump election demonstrations but clearly resort property in Thailand and further afield across Asi...Read More

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